Porting iOS app to macOS using Catalyst

In this talk I describe my experience with porting an existing iOS/iPadOS UIKit app to macOS using Catalyst. Over the course of the 45 minutes I show how I ported the app, what issues I faced and how I solved them. Everything is demonstrated on examples from the actual app. By the end of the talk the attendees should have a basic understanding of what it takes to port an app to macOS using Catalyst.


The attendees should have at least basic experience with app development for iOS using UIKit.


The talk should help the attendees understand what it takes to port an existing iOS/iPadOS app to macOS.



Jan Kaltoun
Jan Kaltoun is an iOS platform lead at STRV, currently based in Prague. He has been developing iOS apps since the first version of Swift came out back in 2014. Apart from leading a team of 40 iOS developers, his focus is on app development and Swift on backend.


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